Javed Chaudhry – Coward Pakistan

As we stated through source previously that Zardari had agreed to allow INDIA to attack few locations inside Pakistan but the ARMY was not willing. Read this in that aspect. Last 2 lines explained in the end

The RED block = Another inside story is WEST has offered Pakistan to ROLL BACK its nuclear program for 100 billion dollars . Zardari (obviously) has agreed and now GENERALS are being taken into confidence.

The BLUE block = This is exactly how Musharraf ran Pakistan for 8 years. Sell our people for 1 millon per piece + allowing USA to hit targets inside Pakistan and claim economy is progressing. And therefore now being rewarded for his HARD WORK

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  1. To read more about the developments in Pakistan and the region in general go to http://www.real-politique.blogspot.com

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