Salim Safi – One more Suggestion



3 Responses

  1. One thing Safi forgets is the international dimension of the issue: the Salafi or Wahabi onslaught for a revolution.

  2. hamar mulk kyu barbadi ki taraf ja raha he. ? kyu islam ko badnam kya jaraha he?
    iska anjam kya hoga?

  3. I agree with Mr Safi in principle. Important point is the failure of our establishment to handle the situation thus far. Nothing seems to be working their way. Even conquering Swat and South Waziristan has also not brought peace in the country. The militants retain the capability to strike at any place at will with virtually no trail to follow. Common man is suffering immensely. We need new thinking and new strategy to deal with the situation. A purely Pakistani solution …. with little or no input from our establishment. It has to be through Pakistani people alone. Unfortuanately our establishment seems to be living outside Pakistan.

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