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  1. MQM & Altaf Backstabbing Pakistan

    By Dr Shahid Qureshi

    The London Post
    Wednesday 20 January 2010

    “General Moin Haider a Mohajr told newsmen that the MQM (members) had travelled to India on diplomatic passports provided by the Indian government and “were playing into the hands of India.”

    MQM is backstabbing Pakistan and clearly blackmailing the State? In many countries including Britain mineral resources in Sea, are, land, and ports are in the jurisdictions of the central governments? In almost all countries if someone finds a historical treasure on his land that becomes property of the state not local council?

    Surely business community feel pressures from ‘MQM’s jeans-bike terrorism’ in Karachi but how far they would go to protect their business interests and state interests? There is no excuse for any individual or media group to let itself used against the national interests?

    Altaf taunting Pakistan Army by showing his British Passport

    “Silence is betrayal to the Pakistani Nation now”, said a senior security official. He was talking to me exclusively in the context of MQM’s agenda and Indian triple game with Pakistan. Dr Farooq Sattar leader of the MQM said in ARY TV Channel program on 28th November 2009 with a planted anchor that, “…total control of Port (Gawadar) and all the resources gas…” should be handed over to the province. The program was fully loaded with Indo-US propaganda and lines?

    According to analysts it is not a rocket science to inference that MQM (Muthada Qaumi Movement) and Altaf Hussain are extensions of foreign agencies, and involved in activities to disintegrate the State of Pakistan. On 12th January 2009 MQM tabled a “Provincial Autonomy’ Sine qua non for a Federation, Draft Bill for Constitutional Amendments to Provide Complete Constitutional Autonomy to Constituent Units”. It is quite strange that a party (MQM–A) which bank on the votes of people who migrated and some emigrated later from India and had no roots with any province of Pakistan is allegedly involved in the Indo-US plot of disintegration of Pakistan. So what will happen to those who are not Punjabis, Sindis, Baluchis, Pathans, and Kashmiris living peacefully in Pakistan? Another episode of ‘Biharis – Pakistanis’ living in camps in now Bangladesh?

    Altaf Hussain leader of MQM’s multi £ million mansion in London (courtesy The Asian Journal)

    It seems that MQM’s minders have the Soviet Model in mind because in modern times international plotters use constitutional loopholes or constitutional amendments to disintegrate countries. For example in dismantling the USSR the international plotters used constitutional provisions which had been placed intentionally. The breakup of the USSR was provided in two of the Articles of the constitution. Article 70 Stated: “Union of the Soviets Republics is a unitary, federal, multinational state, formed on the Free Self Determination of Nations”. Article 72 was more explicit and stated: “Each Union Republic retains the right freely to secede from the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics”.

    Interestingly no such mechanism is available in the US Constitution and according to US experts “the constitutional language is sparse’. It is up to the Congress to give meaning to that language”. We all know who control and got the majority in the Congress?

    Altaf Hussain leader of MQM’s multi £ million mansion in London (courtesy The Asian Journal)

    Altaf Husain is a British Citizen including some of its members of golden circle seemingly don’t care if country disintegrated and what will happen to those people who migrated or pushed to Pakistan came into being due “Two Nation Theory”. Altaf Hussain and MQM do not agree with Pakistan’s stand on Kashmir and also do not recognise the ‘State of Pakistan’ and its legitimacy! Well that is Indian line?

    Altaf Hussain said “Pakistan’s creation was a ‘‘mistake’’ and a ‘‘blunder in the history of mankind’’ reported Sonia Trikha, 12th July 2001, The Indian Express. He further said, “The Two Nation Theory, which argues that Muslims and Hindus are two separate nations which have to live separately and is the basis of the creation of Pakistan “was a farce.”

    “Pakistan a failed State”, said Syed Tariq Mir, Member of the Central Co-ordination Committee, in the SAPRA, conference in Indian in October 2000.

    While sitting in his 40+ staffed MQM International Secretariat in London Altaf Hussain want LOC (Line of Control) in Kashmir should be declared permanent border i.e. forget about 92685 killings, 115877 arrests, 15665 home demolitions, by Indian Security Forces, and 22675 widows and 107218 orphans? His comments on Kashmir are not only unacceptable to Kashmiri community but also deplorable as mindless. More than 600,000 Kashmiris are living in the United Kingdom and do not accept his anti Kashmiri and pro Indian remarks. Altaf Hussain’s views and comments about Kashmir and Pakistan are very offensive and treacherous.

    Altaf Hussain asked for asylum for MQM workers in India! “Some what intrigued by the indirect requests and appeals by visiting Pakistani MQM leader, Mr. Altaf Hussain, to grant political asylum to his (MQM) supporters in India, the Indian Home Ministry has categorically rejected his emotional pleas” wrote famous Indian journalist Arun Rajnath wrote, on 8th November 2004.

    Minister of State for Home Affairs, S. Reghupati told Arun Rajnath, “Such proposals are not viable or practical, and Mr. Hussain himself understands it. If we grant asylum to Pakistani Mohajirs (refugees), why not to Bangladeshis? Then we should also cease our actions of identifying illegal migrants from Bangladesh and we should open our doors for every Mohajir, and give them legal status.” On the one hand Altaf Hussain has taken British citizen on the other hand he is asking Indian Government to grant political asylum to MQM supporters in India. What game is he playing?

    “He (Altaf Hussain) said that while Musharraf is a Mohajir, is ‘‘part and parcel of the Punjabi establishment’’ and thus can never serve the interests of Mohajirs. In this context, he said that Punjab’s partition was a blunder as it only served to divide the Muslim populace of the subcontinent” reported Indian Express on 12th July 2001.

    “No one would be allowed to go scot-free after making anti-Pakistan statements” said Interior Minister Lt. Gen (Rtd) Moinuddin Haider in Lahore on 2nd October 2000. Genera Haider further said that a report has been sought from the Pakistan High Commission in India and action would be taken accordingly. On Tuesday, 3 October 2000, the Pakistani Information Minister, Javed Jabbar said that the Interior ministry was seeking details of the MQM delegation’s visit to India.

    “General Moin Haider a Mohajr later told newsmen that the MQM (members) had travelled to India on diplomatic passports provided by the Indian government and “were playing into the hands of India.” The government now intends to start legal action against the MQM leaders, who are already facing several charges against them and are mostly residing outside the country”, reported Kamal Siddiqi, ‘The Indian Express’ 28th October 2000. The government of Pakistan was reportedly seeking extradition of Altaf Hussain who was said to be wanted in 50 murders and 150 cases of kidnapping and arson.

    Indian officials reportedly said that Altaf Hussain requested Indian Foreign Minister, Natwar Singh that his supporters, the Mohajirs, be granted Long Term Visas (LTV) to live in India. He also requested the Indians to show leniency when considering such cases, especially of the Mohajir community, if they are legally entitled to get the Indian citizenship.

    Indian analysts think Altaf Hussain’s requests reflected a deep sense of insecurity and lack of confidence in the durability of the present Pakistani set up as Mr. Hussain was not only staying in self-imposed exile himself in the UK, but was even talking about a large number of his supporters running away from Pakistan to seek asylum in India, as chances of getting asylum in the US and UK had diminished after 9/11.

    While talking about the internal conditions in Pakistan with Natwar Singh, Altaf Hussain expressed the desire of several Mohajirs to return to India. He told Mr. Singh the second generation of the Mohajir community was now facing the “acrimonious fruit of the 1947 partition”.

    He also recited an Urdu couplet during his interaction with Natwar Singh: ‘Yeh waqt bhi dekha hai taareekh ke safahon ne; Lamhon ne khata ki thi, sadiyon ne sazaa payee’ (Annals of History have witnessed the phenomenon that blunders committed in a short span of time resulted in punishment for centuries)

    Indian Foreign Ministry officials told the ‘South Asia Tribune’ Mr. (Altaf) Hussain had also revealed that a large number of his Mohajir community wanted to return to their roots, and most of them wanted their Indian citizenship back.

    Asked to comment on the subject, the Secretary, of the Minority Cell of Congress Party, Meem Afzal had different views: “The new generation of the Pakistan Mohajirs does not wish to re-unite with India or return to their roots. Their counterparts in India also do not wish their relatives to come back from Pakistan to settle down in India. It is just a matter of a few years and after the end of the second generation or Altaf Hussain’s generation, the ghost of nostalgia will just disappear.”

    Apart from this some of the Mohajirs were declared ‘dead’ in property documents/papers/ records at the time of the partition by other members of the family to protect their property from being taken over by Indian authorities. Those who stayed behind claimed full inheritance. If they or their children return to India, it would gravely complicate matters.

    “The Government of India had virtually kept Altaf Hussain under ‘room-arrest’ the whole day on 6th November, 2004, and nobody was allowed to see him or his party men. Various government officials and security men paid visits to him the whole day. Mr. Hussain and his aides were given cellular phones with special numbers”, wrote Arun Rajnath.

    British passports are issued to thousands non British every year no one ever took their photo with the passport like primary school ‘graduation’ as MQM leader Altaf Hussain did? Some one said, ‘Altaf Hussain will never go to Pakistan’ but he went to India on his British Passport but did not go to Pakistan even when his party is ruling the province and part of federal government. He has been living in Britain since 1992, never voted in Pakistan. He has never worked in the United Kingdom? How did he have properties worth millions as reported in London Weekly? MQM is political party, a mafia or a outsourced business?

    It is time for loyalists to get their acts together because fact of the matter is that all the ingredients, pawns, tools, are in place to break Pakistan but they all should remember that as some one said, “traitors are not fired because they are BURNT!!”.

    (Dr Shahid Qureshi is award winning writer on international terrorism, security, and foreign policy based in London)

  2. The London Post

    Beware with US Prophecies of Indo-Pakistan War

    By Dr Shahid Qureshi
    Friday 22nd January 2010

    “A million dollar question is why both dodgy Al-Qeeda’s chief Osama Bin Laden and ‘Mumbai Terror Mastermind and Suspect’ half Jewish US citizen David William Hedley were/are US assets? US should handover Mr. Hedley to the Indians for investigations so future wars could be avoided”.

    One wonders how and why US – Israeli prophecies proved to be so true about every thing happens according to the script. The latest from US Secretary Gates to conclude that al-Qaeda is attempting to spark a war between India and Pakistan. Mr Gates while praising India for not attacking Pakistan immediately following the November 2008 Mumbai attacks, warned India could not be expected to show such restraint if another attack happened.

    Al-Qaeeda is a trump card which can be used against any one, any time and any where. Indians were intelligent not start war with Pakistan after Mumbai Terrorist attacks and might have realised ‘the game’ behind the attacks? Though there are millions naked and hungry Indians walking about and looking for toilets, yet its government managed to spend $billions to buy arms after the attacks. Indian media was quite active in exposing the role of a US citizen David William Hedley.

    The Mumbai attacks were blamed on the Lashkar-e Taiba (LeT) a small group operated in the Indian occupied Kashmir. Which denied involvement but then a Srinagar special branch official was arrested for providing mobile SIM cards to the alleged attackers. Mumbai attacks were too big for their shoes though some ‘useful idiots’ might have been lured into. According to a British defence think tank RUSI (Royal United Security Institute) expert, “around 100 people would require to do this kind of attack”.

    But the fact of the matter is its master mind David William Hedley is a US citizen from Pakistani father and reportedly a Jewish mother. He was operating with the knowledge of the US security agencies.

    According to a senior security analyst and media reports, “Bizarrely David William Hedley was born in Washington USA to a Pakistan diplomat father and a Jewish American mother traveling in and out of India without any problem. Indian investigators, who have been denied full access to Mr. Headley, suspect that he remained on the payroll of the US security services — possibly working for the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) — but switched his allegiance to LeT. Well it could be other way around Mr. Hedley might have been able to find some useful idiots?

    “Worrying fact is that Mr. Hedley despite being firmly on the radar of the US intelligence agencies, he was allowed to return to India as recently as (March 2009). Indian officials are furious that their US counterparts did not share details of that visit at the time. The Indian media has raised the possibility that Mr. Headley was being protected by his US handlers a theory that experts say is credible”.

    Mr. Headley, who changed his name from Dawad Gilani, was in Mumbai until two weeks before the attacks. He has been acting as Jewish to get access to into high elite circles. He came close famous Bollywood director Maheesh Bhat’s son and made full use of western looks”.

    Indians though very close to the US are feeling that their US friends are not been really transparent. David Headley was an agent for the DEA is known. He must have been known to the CIA in one way or the other. For example the border control system PICES used by the Pakistanis provide full access to the US agencies about the movements of people.”

    Interestingly Indians refused to install PICES system for border control because US refused to give ‘re-configuration codes’ which would allow them to make changes’, reportedly. One can say whether he was being used by the CIA as well is a matter of speculation, but it is almost certain that the CIA was aware of him and his movements across the subcontinent.

    So far US have denied extradition of Mr. Hedley to India. Mr Gopal Kirshana Pillai, Indian Home Secretary said his Government would seek the extradition of Mr. Headley the request has been stonewalled by US officials. It would be fair to say that US should fully support Indians in their investigations and handover the master mind.

    The reality seems different as Kasab reportedly said, ‘he was arrested before the attacks and was shot in his foot by the security’. He might be Hedley’s useful idiot. The Asian Age reported, “Kasab has told his interrogators that it seemed that a “woman” had prepared the videos of the strike locations, including Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus, which were shown to him in Pakistan before the 10 terrorists set sail for Mumbai. A top government official said Headley’s Pakistani wife is a suspected LeT agent and had stayed at Mumbai’s Taj Mahal Hotel in 2007 before returning to Pakistan. Headley’s wife may also have been used to “recce” the 26/11 targets for the LeT, government officials suspect.”

    Though Pakistani regime have failed to plead its case as Rehman Malik is proved to be self confessed ‘useful idiot’. It was Pakistan army who put foot down and warned the implications of ‘dummy airstrikes’ inside Pakistan to boost Indian moral. Bizarrely President Zardari defended Indian Air intrusion by making excuses for Indian Air Force as ‘technical fault’. On the other hand Pakistanis knew the flight path of the Indian jet all along and showed a F-16 ‘missile locked photos of Indian jet’ to the US General with a warning ‘we will bring down next time’.

    “A million dollar question is why both dodgy Al-Qeeda’s chief Osama Bin Laden and ‘Mumbai Terror Mastermind and Suspect’ half Jewish US citizen David William Hedley were/are US assets? US should handover Mr. Hedley to the Indians for investigations so future wars could be avoided”.

    (Dr Shahid Qureshi is award winning journalist and writer on foreign policy & security based in London)

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  3. http://www.thelondonpost.net

    Blackwater and MQM’s Hallmarks on Karachi Fire – Bombings

    By Dr Shahid Qureshi
    Thursday 31 December 2009
    The London Post

    “MQM and Blackwater/Xe are US sponsored mafia style mercenary outfits due to their management structure as it is almost the same both groups’ chiefs are out of Pakistan to start with. There is no difference between Tehreek Taliban Pakistan (TTP) and MQM because both are sponsored by India and USA. Sawat type operation against MQM’s ‘Clean Shaven Taliban’ who are supporting Blackwater/Xe is a must because people will support. President Zardari, the ‘Putin of Pakistan’ can he do anything of for Karachi or he has become a cuddly toy now?”

    The recent bombings of a religious procession in Karachi and fire bombings of small businesses miles away from the incident reportedly owned by mostly Sunni Tableghie Jamat a non violent religious group, got all the hall marks of ‘private mercenaries’ Blackwater with the support of MQM. According to reports it is physically not possible for any one attending the procession to go miles away, get special fire bombing chemicals and equipment to set fire 300 hundred shops in Bolton Market. It is only possible if one already knows the timing of the bombings and part of the plot. They targeted a Sunni areas where it is almost impossible for an angry ‘Shia protestor’ to reach from the crime scene keeping in the view the distances. So Shia procession was bombed, Sunni business were burnt down and MQM’s fire engines did not arrive. Seems perfect Blackwater Inc style operation?

    Blackwater, MQM’s Plus plan was meticulous and well timed. (a) Timing of the bombing few days before the end of the term of City Government Term. So City Government building burnt down with the record to cover-up corruption? (b) Selection of the venues to be fire bombed (c) Torching of Light House Market predominantly owned by the Pashtuns who did not pay extortion money to the MQM – Score settled, Job done (d) Torching of Bolton Market mostly business are owned by peaceful Sunni Muslims Memon Community. They refused to be relocated outside the city because shops worth millions. High ups of the current regime allegedly President Zardari & Co had interest in the land to develop and build flats and plazas. (Job done) (e) Why MQM leaders both reportedly Shias Haider Abbas Rizvi and Faisal Sabzwari not in the Ashura procession? (f) Why police and rangers did not stop the arsonists and terrorists? (g) Who ordered them not to act? (h) Remote control bomb was planted in an ambulance which might be carrying a head too? (i) Who is Hasham Al-Zafar (central) and what is his role in the bombing and burning of Karachi? (j) What is his relationship with Saleem Shezad alleged master mind of the operation and why he only reports to Altaf Hussain?

    MQM and Blackwater/Xe are US sponsored mafia style mercenary outfits due to their management structure as it is almost the same both groups’ chiefs are out of Pakistan to start with. MQM are the local collaborators of Blackwater/Xe in Pakistan?

    According to sources similar kinds of chemicals and fire bombing equipments have been used in Iraq and Lebanon. Pakistan’s security agencies must look into the links between MQM lead City Government and Blackwater. What kind of assistance they are providing to the mercenaries. City mayor Syed Mustafa Kamal and Governor Sind Dr Ashrat Abad Khan recently visited sensitive institutions of the USA related to protection of US national interests aboard. Why would a mayor of a third world country visit US State Department? Did he inform Pakistani’s foreign ministry? He is on the grooming list. “To his credentials it was Mustafa Kamal who opened the door for the assassins came to kill his ‘uncle’ Azeem Ahmed Tariq, leader of the MQM, as it was an inside job. It sounds like nephew shopped his ‘uncle’ according to a source.

    Altaf Hussain’s MQM and his mafia have caused more economic and human losses to Pakistan by strikes and terrorist activities then three wars with India. After the incident on Monday December 28, 2009, three thousand shops were burnt; one thousand were burnt after looting which caused loss of Rs. 60 billion to Pakistani economy. Armed men stopped fire engines for over three hours according to reports. Why?

    Elements close to MQM were also allegedly involved in the terrorism, arson, and killings after tragic death of Benazir Bhutto on 27th December 2007. Many analysts believe that it was a dry run by the foreign sponsored elements to separate Karachi from the rest of the country. There is another dimension to the burring of some markets with small business. Some people from land mafia were making hostile offers to these old pre partition businesses.

    There are reports that MQM has issued thousands of arms licences to its workers and sympathisers in Karachi and some of the licences might have been issued from other provinces. Disarming of the terrorist groups including MQM in Karachi is necessary to avoid future blackmails.

    It is also reported that armed gunmen did not allow fire engines to leave the fire stations. All the fire engines and security cameras are under the control of City Government run by MQM whose leader Altaf Hussain controls this group in a mafia style. Within minutes he blamed ‘Taliban’ for the bombings. How did he know it was Taliban and not Indian RAW or Blackwater/Xe? Altaf Hussain deliberately tried to make this a sectarian issue in his live TV broadcast on a news channel, which matches the agenda of private mercenaries and India.

    Asia Times Online reported few years ago during Musharraf era, sources says that, “only US diplomatic intervention stopped General Musharraf from taking strong action against the MQM after he received the report on the recent unrest in which the MQM was implicated. Washington indeed has a powerful southern ally in Pakistan’. After September 11, the United States identified even more with the MQM as it was the only party in Pakistan that widely mourned the attacks on the US, openly condemned the Taliban and al-Qaeda, and launched a powerful campaign in support of the US attack on Afghanistan”.

    When President Zardari speak about ‘non state & political actors’, probably he also meant Altaf Hussain too? His long distance proactive and dramatic telephonic speeches are more or less what Lord Nelson said, “If you can’t baffle them with brilliance, dazzle them with bullshit!”. He is never been to Pakistan for more then 15 years but did travel to India on his British passport. Most of the members in mafia style ‘Rabita Committee’ are wanted by Pakistani authorities for heinous crimes. He hides behind this ‘kangaroo committee’.

    A political analyst said, ‘to get ‘poodle status’ in US administration Altaf Hussain exaggerates things beyond imagination. For example, he claimed his supporters in Karachi increased by 10 million in just two years because he claimed to have 20 million supporters in an interview with Edgware Times in November 1998. But in 2001 MQM claimed to have 30 million supporters when MQM send a fax to Reuters on 22 September 2001. “(MQM leader) Altaf Hussain has offered the unconditional support of over 30 million MQM supporters to the U.S. president and the international community,” its London-based international secretariat said in a statement faxed to Reuters on September 22, 2001”.

    According to sources, ‘Altaf group is planning and preparing for armed fight with other groups in Karachi. There might be a plan to divide Karachi on ethnic zones as Rehman Malik mentioned in Dera Ismail Khan? The alleged transfer of money from Karachi to London, Germany, Dubai, South Africa, Canada, and United States is alarming. There reports of increase in the arms sale in Karachi seem serious but what are the authorities doing?

    So what is Altaf Hussain up to that is a crucial question to political and security leadership to think about. His alleged close links with the Indian agency and also acting like a mercenary force getting orders from foreign masters. It is time for the government of Pakistan to approach its friends and allies to have a clear cut answers about the real Agenda in Pakistan? Crimes of Altaf Hussain and his party MQM are so heinous that he wouldn’t dare step in Karachi even the whole period of Musharraf and now Zardari rule?

    Until November 1998 Government of Pakistan was reportedly seeking extradition of Altaf Hussain who was said to be wanted in 50 murders and 150 cases of kidnapping and arson. He said in an interview with a newspaper in 1998, “It is my wish that they take me to trial in a British court then I will tell people nationally and internationally what has been happening in Pakistan.” It was Altaf Hussain and MQM who issued a memo to his workers saying,” if there was war between India and Pakistan, MQM workers will be remain neutral”. Why?

    MQM’s deputy chief organiser of district Thatta and his wife were arrested by the police for trafficking 120 kilos of A class drugs according to a press report on 16th May 2004. Mohamed Ibrahim and his wife Ayesha Soho who is also member of district government were coming from Bolan area of Baluchistan on Jeep number BC 1248 when they were stopped by Dadar Police who discovered 180 kilos of HASH worth millions of from the secret compartments of the jeep. Police has registered a case number 13/2004 report against deputy chief of MQM and his wife for drug trafficking. Area in charge SHO of the area Police confirmed that suspects have confessed they have been also involved in arms trafficking from Kabul and been to Afghanistan three times. Both were sent to Sibi Jail in Baluchistan.

    “MQM has been funded with the drug money apart from the extortion money taken from the top businessmen in the name of support” according to a report published by The Frontier Post on December 25, 1998. The report says, “… What is more alarming is that the Narco dollars have been used for funding the (MQM), a responsible source in the provincial government said. He added that such funding was tantamount to fuelling terrorism.” Is the Narco-terror funding still on?

    By joining as local collaborator of Blackwater in Karachi MQM has provided the eyes and ears on the ground with smart guns. Even if US-India sponsored ‘Pakistani Taliban’ claim responsibility of Karachi Ashura bombings, the chemicals and smart guns used in burnings of the over 6000 small businesses and loss of Rs. 60 billion have all the hallmarks of Blackwater/Xe.

    “There is no difference between Tehreek Taliban Pakistan (TTP) and MQM because both are sponsored by India and USA. Sawat type operation against MQM’s ‘Clean Shaven Taliban’ who are supporting Blackwater/Xe is a must because people will support. President Zardari, the ‘Putin of Pakistan’ can he do anything of for Karachi or he has become a cuddly toy now?”

    (Dr Shahid Qureshi is award winning journalist and writer on foreign policy & security based in London)

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