War On Terror And Pirates Of Pakistan

War On Terror And Pirates Of Pakistan

By Dr Shahid Qureshi

On 24th July 2008, at International Institute of Strategic Studies in London I asked, Pakistani Foreign Minister HE Shah Mahmood Qureshi, ‘Foreign Minister your democratic government’s sole motto seems to be, ‘Visit US before US visits you’ because you just came from the USA and Prime Minister Gilani is going to USA too. On the other hand, ‘If US want to (visit) invade Pakistan’s tribal areas (FATA) then “SO BE IT”. NATO Military commander in Afghanistan have said, ‘approximately 400,000 troops required in Afghanistan for the security and stabilisation of the country. Please comment. Continue reading


Selling Pakistan Cheap by Shahid Qureshi

People of Pakistan are very well aware with list of the rich and famous before and after 1947. The miraculous growth in the wealth of politicians, generals, and civil servants is mind blowing? Sharfis who were making water pumps in 1960s and Zardari’s who were selling cinema tickets have become billionaires in few years.

Clock is ticking for 2000 listed corrupt elite of Pakistan and no one knows what is attached with it?

Selling Pakistan Cheap?

By Dr Shahid Qureshi

“How is it going to be legally possible for Pakistan to get the looted billions of dollars back,” a very senior official of an international financial institution who is been approving loans for Pakistan asked me in the House of Lords in London? I told him, “It is very simple western security agencies MI6, CIA and others are very well aware with the (original and fake) names, deposits, bank details, values of the assets of every one, they should release the names of those individuals or companies in the public interest? They should share intelligence on international corruption and money laundering too?. Continue reading