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Hamid Mir on Mahmud Ali Durrani


Why just another blog

Welcome to Column PK a blog where you can find the best columns from pakistan. The background of this blog will require a lengthy and boring story but to cut it short i would like to credit this blog with my friend ARB whose continuous pinching of emails related to good colums in daily newspapers made me think if i make a blog and get him post his content here so that not only i am saved of the a lot of home work (since i keep forwarding his emails to many groups) but also those who are not in our mailing list may be able to read here.

Also one main concept behind this was that usually all readers read a lot of stuff over internet from different newspapers and sources and by-quality there is good 10% available. It would be great if few people read out a lot of content and filter it for the rest thus saving everyone’s time. I would love if anyone else had this idea in mind but if not, its okay to be the first one.